All the bottlenecks of NPR will be away from 7

Decision taken in the meeting chaired by Hooda Administrator GMDA and NHAI officials are present 8 constraints of Dwarka Expressway in front of Hooda NBT News, Gurgaon

All hurdles in Dwarka Expressway (NPR) will be removed by July 7. This thing Hooda  Administrator Dr Chandrasekhar Khare said: On Wednesday, six religious places coming in the way were turned into wreckage.

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Hooda Administrator Dr. Chandrasekhar Khare at Hooda Office located in sector 14 on Wednesday morning. Among the consultants of GMDA U.P. Singhal, Project Director, C. Sharma and NHAI were present. GMDA Consultant urged the Administrator to remove eight obstacles from Expressway. The administrator told them that some hurdles have been removed.

By 7th July all obstacles coming in the way of expressway will be removed. Providing basic facilities to 68 GPA-SPA holders in Sector 37C and Sector 110 A, removing the factory coming in the way of CPR, removing the structure near Daulatabad Chowk, power motor and other structures coming in sector 110 Removal, Registry holder 4 house in Palam Vihar and removal of HT line in Sector 110 A was discussed.

Administrator Dr Chandrasekhar Khare said that all the bottlenecks of Dwarka Expressway will be removed by 7th July. Work is going on fast in this direction. After removing the bottlenecks, the expressway will be delivered to GMDA.

Broke six religious sites and farmhouse

On Wednesday morning, six religious sites and the Richmond Farmhouse, coming in the way of Dwarka Expressway, were turned into wreckage. At 10 a.m. in SDO Enforcement H.S. Demolition campaign led by Jakhar Jakhar said that at the junction of Pataudi road and Dwarka Expressway, there were three religious places, they were broken.

Three religious sites in the middle of the Daulatabad chowk, between New Palam Vihar, were transformed into wreckage. The Richmond Farmhouse has also been demolished in Chouma village. During the subversion, as a Duty Magistrate, Harsru’s Tehsildar Om Prakash was present. ACP Sandeep Kumar was present with about 200 policemen.

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